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It's About Food!

So how does Incredible Edible work?

By allowing people to decide for themselves what they do and don’t want to do. Everyone is interested in food and there are no end of ways in which people can get involved. Browse this web site and that of and let your mind roam! You might think up some ways to get involved that no-one else has mentioned on either site yet!

What is going on?

Everything in Incredible Edible essentially falls into one of three “plates”: Community, Learning and Business together with activities which link these three areas together. Remember: It’s About Local Food! - across the whole supply chain from knowledge and education, to planting and creating produce, to processing, to distribution and sourcing, to preserving and cooking, to nutrition and health and more.

Knowledge and skills are required in horticulture and biology, to IT, business planning and finance, to preserving and efficient marketing and distribution, to baking and skills as a chef. There are many ways in which people can contribute.

How can you participate?

Many are already doing things which fall into the three “plates” of Incredible Edible. But they are doing it in isolation and as an individual. People already tend allotments, have raised beds in their garden, keep chickens or bees, source their food from local farmers and farmers markets, pick wild fruit and make jam, enjoy cooking etc. It’s a rare person that does not enjoy eating food!

Keep doing what you are doing, but look at how it might fit into the three “plates” of Incredible Edible.

  • Do you have space, or know of a space where a Community Raised bed might be placed?
  • Are you good with DIY and ready to help build and stock Community raised beds?
  • Do you have horticultural knowledge to help select the best plants to grow and how to get good pest and disease free yields?
  • Would you be willing to share your expertise with others in hands on sessions?
  • Are there people you know who would benefit through involvement in Community activities and having the chance to do things they have not had access to before?
  • Maybe you produce more than you need yourself - take a look at the Business “plate”

Take a look at the Community page for more ideas within this “plate”.

If you are involved in Learning in anyway through local schools and colleges, or your children are attending local schools and colleges; can you see opportunities there to expand the role of Local Food, for example in areas such as:

  • understanding where food comes from through planting in raised beds, keeping chickens or bees?
  • understanding food processing and production through making bread, jams, cheeses or pickles?
  • Increasing knowledge of nutrition and health?
  • Gaining skills in preserving foodstuffs?
  • Understanding the finance and business models to successfully grow, distribute and market foods?

With your Business hat on; what are the opportunities for Local Food?


  • seeking out local sources within a 30 mile radius to supply your staff canteen, pub or restaurant?
  • working with a local school or college to develop educational courses and training to meet your future recruitment needs?
  • expanding what is a hobby interest into a business to supply vegetables, eggs, cheese or pickles etc to local restaurants and businesses?

When all these plates are linked together there is the potential to generate community demand for the provision of locally sourced food which is met by an array of local farms, market gardens, fish farms etc. By including learning both inside and outside of schools and colleges the demand is fuelled further whilst encouraging the skills and knowledge which will be needed by these local suppliers.

The result will be a more reslient and sustainable local community and economy to the benefit of all.

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