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Tuesday 12th September 2017


Westside Community Centre,

Paddock Rd, Basingstoke RG22 6QB


Here are some ideas to help build a more resilient community right here in North Hampshire; all based on and connected to local food.

Check out our Community Projects Here.

Meeting people, having fun! We’re here to encourage a greater community spirit by having people meet each other, find interests in common and to have fun. Most people are already involved with clubs, charities and social groups; we aim to increase the awareness and connections between these groups by using the language of food!

Also, this should not be a group controlled centrally; we need a good sprinkling of people who will bring spontaneity, invention and a “let’s-do-it” attitude.

So as your ideas form feel free to get on and do it; of course we do not wish to alienate people, so put yourself in the other person’s shoes: if you live in a well groomed area your neighbours might not like an allotment in your front garden, it might be better to upstage them and create an edible garden in keeping with Villandry........ as shown on the right!

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Socialise! Get together with friends, neighbours and invite people through this site. Hold a BBQ (local food of course!), have coffee mint tea (from your garden), beer (local brew) etc. and see what interests people and what you might do together with local food as the focus.

Free-To-Share raised beds provide:

  • More local food - which by itself increases local food security
  • Community focus - which provides a focal point to pull people together
  • Creates local awareness for “Incredible Edible”

Planting fruit trees and bushes achieves similar benefits to raised beds, but with less effort for maintenance outside of cropping and pruning time.

Seminars, workshops and courses whilst anchored in the Learning “plate” also provide forums for people to meet and get to know each other. More in Learning

Shop for food with local businesses who source and use local food.

CHECK OUT THE MUCKIN IN LIST to see how you might help.

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